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JÓN Magazine is an epic, specialist mens fashion print magazine... with excellent taste. Printed quarterly in London, UK. 

JÓN Interviews Sacha Dhawan

You’re just one big family fighting in the New York Streets


Leigh: So where is it filmed?

Sacha: New York is probably the biggest character in all the Netlix Marvel series. The production offices are based in Brooklyn, but we film all over New York. I think that was for me the best thing. To just turn up on set and you're in the middle of the financial district doing a big scene. That was my first scene on season one, actually. I remember the director of photography saying to me "This is the hero shot. This is the one your mum will never forget."

Leigh: Brilliant. To move onto one of your other projects - 'Sherlock'. Was that another game changer in terms of your career?

Sacha: It was yeah. Mark Gatiss - who created it - became a really good friend of mine and he asked me to be a part of 'Sherlock'. I didn't realise how big a fan base it is.

Leigh: It's huge!

Sacha: To work with Benedict aswell - who the world loves - was  daunting, but it was amazing to have five days of filming with just me and him. In between filming we would hang out in this warm tent because we were soaking wet from shooting this fight scene in a swimming pool. I mentioned I was screen testing for 'Iron Fist' and he kindly put a call into the execs.

Leigh: Nice.

Sacha: I owe him one really.

Leigh: Well, onwards and upwards for even more amazing stuff. Can't wait. We always have some fun questions relating to our issue theme, and the theme is 'God' for the next one. So, if you were a Greek God what would your speciality be?

Sacha: Wow. Ok. Do you mean like a super power?

Leigh: Well I guess they kind of have superpowers. Zeus sort of has the lightning but he's also the king, and then there's the water one, y'know?

Sacha: Right. I'd probably say fire...bare with me on this! Like the characters I play, fire is seen as something bad, but it's a lot more complex than people think. It's actually quite beautiful I think.

Leigh: Like you - complex and beautiful, but a bit fierce on the outside!

Sacha: It's not always what it seems.

Sacha Dhawan

Marvel bad guy Sacha takes time out from fighting his way to stardom to chat to us about Netflix, New York and 'The Hero Shot'.





Leigh: So how awesome was it to play a baddie in a Marvel show?

Sacha: Yeah it was great, mainly because obviously it's such a big character in the comic, but Netflix and Marvel allowed me to put my own stamp on it swell, so it meant I had a kind of ownership - and it was nice to play someone that becomes a villain. He doesn't start off as the villain so I felt like I wanted to lay a really good foundation for the next season.

Leigh: Was it a really fun set to work on? I know Finn and he's a super fun guy so you must have had a bit of a laugh.

Sacha: Finn's great. He's similar to Danny (his character) in that way, but my character Davos is really disciplined. I had such a good time doing it. We all dream of being part of Netflix because they are doing so well, especially in TV - and now in the film market. And Marvel! I grew up reading Marvel comics and to be a part of that world and step into it was amazing. It was so daunting but once you step on the set and get on with the job it's such good fun. You're sort of forgetting you're working for Netflix and Marvel. You're just one big family fighting in the New York streets!